Workcover & TAC If you don’t fight…you lose

Injured at work or in a traffic accident? Let us help you make and manage your claim, protect your rights and secure your future.

If you're injured at work or on the road and need medical treatment or time off work, you are very likely  eligible for compensation under the Victorian legislation.

This includes compensation for income loss caused by time off work, and reimbursement for all medical and like treatment expenses – in some cases, you could also be eligible for lump-sum impairment benefits.

If your injury is a result of the negligence of another, or your employer, you may also have rights to claim for damages at common law.

Both WorkCover and Transport Accident Compensation change frequently in relation to their rules and operation, and you do need to seek professional advice in order to maximise your entitlements, as is your right.

If you need help, do something about it - contact us, we will fight for you, and your family to protect your rights and interests.

If you have a problem or need advice to avoid one...