Wills & Estate Disputes If you don’t fight…you lose

Have you got a Will? Does your Will ensure that the right people receive their proper share or does it leave the door open to dispute?

If you don’t make a valid Will, you cannot assume your spouse or de facto partner will simply receive everything on your passing. We can give you peace of mind by drafting a Will for you that plans for the future and reflects your wishes.

The opportunities for a Will to be challenged have become easier and more accessible in recent years. This is particularly so when farms, businesses and investments are involved.

We assist executors to manage the administration of Estates in a timely and cost effective manner, ensuring the best outcome for beneficiaries.

We also assist you with putting in place appropriate Powers of Attorney to ensure your affairs are properly and safely managed if you experience an accident or illness.

We can help with:

  • Estate disputes
  • Estate administration including transfer and sale of assets
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney

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