• Business and Commercial Law

    Protect your rights, preserve your assets, and guard against hazards to you, your family and your investments. Read more

  • Civil Liberties

    Our team are experts in criminal law including State and Federal police matters. Read more

  • Family Law

    At Simon Parsons & Co we protect your lifestyle and property in the event of a family breakdown or division of assets. Read more

  • Personal Injury Claims

    Don't let injury or disease make you a victim. We have experience in all areas of compensation and personal injury law. Read more

  • Estates & Wills

    Does your will adequately plan for the future or does it leave the door open to a dispute? Read more

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Simon Parsons & Co offers down to earth, effective legal services. We are expert in fighting and resolving cases and have many years experience in personal injury, family, estate and commercial law. Simon Parsons & Co is big enough to properly resource the toughest contest yet small enough to offer responsive, personalised service.